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Thread: Edit Sample Line spacing

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    Default Edit Sample Line spacing

    Summary: I want Sample line groups to be editable with the same menu you created them with.

    Description: Tired of having to go back and delete sample line groups after you have views created with them because the Engineer changed his mind? Wouldn't it be awesome if the same menu that you used to create the sample lines would let you edit them 3 days later?
    specific example: I pick 100' on the tangents and 50' in the curves and create my sample line group. Several days later I am told to change it to 50' in the tangents and 25' in the curves. I should be able to right click my sample line group in the prospector, click EDIT, and change those numbers in a dialog box. It should recompile and display as I just changed while updating any views created.

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - Sample Lines

    Submitted By: mrobinson on 10/31/2018

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    Default Re: Edit Sample Line spacing

    Lets get this in the vote. This is a critical flaw that needs fixed !

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