I'm wondering if anyone watching this forum has input on tools for managing families and types? We only really know about local products and thought you guys might know about products from further away?

What we're looking for can do the following:
* Well structured lists og types and families including views of their meta-data synchronized
* Multi user environment
* Simple user interface
* Quality Assurance tools for the BIM model (does the data in the model fit the data in the type database)
* Access to standard data such as classification and property sets
* Easy integration of project specific data, families/types & parameters
* Possibility for flexible sorting of information
* Generation of object lists including data (for sending to tender and project documentation)
* Generation of tender lists with quantities
* Two-way synchronization of data
* Easy/automatic editing og type names to fit naming structures

Is that too much to ask?

We're looking at these products:
BIMShark https://bimshark.com/
GlassHouse http://www.glasshousebim.com/index-EN.html
dRofus https://www.drofus.no/en/product.html > Items
BIMeye Asset Manager https://www.bimeye.com/product/asset-manager/
NTI https://nti.biz/produkter/NTI-produkter/NTI_FACT/
Ajour BIM https://ajoursystem.com/produkter/ajourbim/
Dalux Project (preferred solution but discontinued)