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Thread: Remembrance and Validation on Scale Factors

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    Default Remembrance and Validation on Scale Factors

    Been a while since I've used Autocad and I can't remember some things and/or not sure if I'm remembering right or not. Thanks in advance for helping.

    To the Point: Drawing up a Vicinity Map/Survey for a friend that wants a simple addition to a mobile house. Per county requirements need to show the entire property metes and bounds which is almost a entire quarter section of land. Not a actual survey so accuracy is not necessary, just close enough for general information. What I have to print on is a 11x17. Scaled ArcGIS map to actual (close) size in MS and drew my line work in feet/inches/engineering over map. So, now to get the entire roughly 1/2 x 1/2 mile drawing onto a 11x17, I've scaled the viewport to 1:4000.

    If I assume the "1" to be 1' in a engineering scale that would equate to 0.083 per inch which would make the 4000 equate to 332' per inch in PS.

    Am I remembering correctly?

    Thanks again for your help.


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    Default Re: Remembrance and Validation on Scale Factors

    Since 1'=12" I'd recommend using either:
    1"=300' → 1:3600
    1"=400' → 1:4800

    They don't make a 332 engineer scale.

    You can modify scales in ArcMap to use scale units same as AutoCAD does.
    For large drawing areas I use scales in multiples of miles.
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    Default Re: Remembrance and Validation on Scale Factors

    Your answer was helpful as i was having same relatable problem

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