Got a new, loaded-out single-seat workstation, Win10, hot i7, 64GB RAM, 800 bucks worth of graphics card, and big drives, both conventional and SSD. I'd like to set it up for optimal performance, since I often have multiple complex 2-D drawings open and numerous paperspace views. There can sometimes be a bottleneck there, as my drawings have trickled down through several disciplines before they reach me (I'm at the bottom of the food chain).

Is there any strategy that would help me make the most of my hardware? Maybe installing the executables on an SSD, instead of the primary drive? Or how about using the SSD for work in progress, and then moving them to the HD upon completion for long-term residency?

Any ideas would be appreciated, and if it's all pretty much six of one, half-dozen of the other, I'd like to know that, too... Thoughts?