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Thread: Company Standards and Roll out

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    Default Company Standards and Roll out

    Hi All. I work for a multi-office engineering firm and fortunate to have a good running standards program. It was created from a savy-programmer but is a little cumbersome to load on everyones machines. I am curious what everyone else uses or handles company standards.

    Titleblocks, pen tables, blocks, civil3d styles, templates, ribbons maybe some other items.

    Thanks in advance for any info you can provide

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    Default Re: Company Standards and Roll out

    Welcome to AUGI.

    Why is it cumbersome to load on everyone's machines?

    Consider saving your desired setup to a network location, then have IT configure NETLOGON to robocopy that to each user's machine (locally) when they login; your organization has the CYA of network backups for the critical bits and the benefit of users getting better app performance.

    Granted, the first run to sync the network-saved support files might take a bit, depending on how much data you're talking about needing to sync, but once it has been copied to each user's machine, only changes will be updated.

    This allows you to fully test changes out on your machine before 'pushing' standards updates to the network, and users can finish that important production deadline before they update... To receive the update, users need only log out/in or restart which refreshes their system resources anyway.

    [Edit] - Obviously, if you've got a physical server in each office, there's an additional step of replicating across each of those servers, before users could be updated.

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