My company has been experiencing relatively slow CAD performance (Civil3D) when using large data sets (LiDAR, Large aerials, etc.). After coming up with various workarounds on the CAD side, we have started to suspect that much of our slowness is actually due to relatively slow server-CAD data transfer speed. We recently had our CAD network on a virtual server that had a data transfer speed (both read and write) of about 350Mbps. I asked our IT support person about this and was told our server has the capacity to transfer up to 12Gbps, but because of the virtual server as well as our current network hardware, we were being limited to this relatively slow transfer speed. He then moved our CAD files to an actual physical server and now we are getting transfer speeds of about 750Mbps and CAD performance is noticeably faster when using large data sets. Apparently upgrading our network hardware would be somewhat of an investment, so I am now wondering what is typical for network transfer speeds and if we should start looking into upgrading our network to further increase CAD performance. Does anybody know what the recommended network transfer speed should be when using large data sets in CAD? Alternatively, does anybody want to share what their LAN speed is and if they are experiencing performance issues with large data sets?
Thanks in advance.