Summary: Improve Line and Curve Annotation on xrefed line work. Make it more like the surface labels, where if it loses associativity to its object it does not disappear but allows you to re associate it back to an object you select.

Description: We had a lot of problems with annotation of our line work through an xref in the past. First started in 2016 version but was fixed. We have now upgraded to 2018 and we are seeing the same problems but with no solutions or fixes. We have this issue in with Autodesk and still waiting for a resolution. I would like to see the line and curve annotation improved on many levels. I would like to be able to label a curve between two points. There are many times when you need to put the distance on two portions of a curve you are splitting. I would also like to see the labels act similar to what they did with the surface labels where if they lose their associativity to an object they can be re associated and not just lost. We have lost hours of work annotating our back of curb and centerline through xrefs in our production sheets.

Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - Annotate (Civil 3D Labels)

Submitted By: kmickow778366 on 02/03/2019