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Thread: Revit Performance

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    Default Revit Performance

    Over the past year or so our office has been experiencing Revit performance issues. Whenever we have 2 or more people in a model of any size we will randomly get the Revit "Not responding" message along with the cursor wheel spin even when no task is being performed. Sometimes I will even get the "Model is not currently available" message pop up when no one is synchronizing. This issue seems to happen when certain individuals with Microsoft Surface Books are in the model. Has anyone else run into anything like this? Does any know if Surface books cause any issues in a work shared environment? Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: Revit Performance

    Try setting your Worksharing Update Frequency to 'Manual'.Go to Options|General Tab|Worksharing Update Frequency. Push the bar as far left as it can go. Another item that I've had great success with is going to the Analyze tab. Click on the arrow beside Spaces and Zones at the bottom of the ribbon and selecting on Area and Volume Computation. Make sure you set the Volume Computation to Areas Only (faster).

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    Default Re: Revit Performance

    There are just too many items it can be causing issues here.
    Are they accessing the model over WiFi?
    I am assuming these models are not on a Revit Server, so these are all models with worksets on a file base server. Are the users inactive for 15 mins or longer? That can cause issues as well.
    What version of Revit are you running? With 2019 there has been a ton of network/security patches, make sure all users have them installed. Also with 2019 all users have to be on the same version if you have a person on 19.2 and another on 19.1 forget about it.
    Network traffic is a major problem as well if people are not getting a good connection to the server that will cause all kinds of problems.
    This is almost impossible to troubleshoot without more info.
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