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Thread: Can I use Acad 2004 on a Windows 7 or 10 PC?

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    Default Can I use Acad 2004 on a Windows 7 or 10 PC?

    I Have Acad 2004 that I use on an old windows XP PC and it has worked just great for me for all these years. My computer, being about 20 years old, is starting to have security issues (hacking). I use my PC for household duties in addition to cad design. I am retired and use Acad to design large scale locomotives as my hobby. I have been told that my version of Acad won't work on the latest windows platforms. Is this really true and if so, what are my options. Upgrading to a newer Acad is out of the question. Can a windows 7 or 10 be made to accept Acad 2004? I really like XP. It has worked great with Acad 2004 My finances are pretty slim, so a new PC is a possibility, but not an Acad upgrade.

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    Default Re: Can I use Acad 2004 on a Windows 7 or 10 PC?

    While this package may provide a way to do what you ask, you may find either the free or paid DraftSight delivers a replacement more directly.

    Hugh Adamson

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