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Thread: upgrading to windows 10

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    Default upgrading to windows 10

    The company I work for is currently running AutoCAD 2009 on windows 7, we are upgrading to windows 10. I already know windows 10 will not support AutoCAD 2009. We are a roofing company and I use AutoCAD to do our shop drawings and submittal packages. This is a 2D application only, so my question is can we get the subscription for AutoCAD LT and have it be what I need or will we need to get the full version of AutoCAD. Any knowledge or advise would be helpful.

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    Default Re: upgrading to windows 10

    Its not so much that Windows 10 will not support 2009 (You can always run in compatibility mode), but that Autodesk will not issue a registration key for software older than 2010. As to whether LT will work for you or not, only you can decide that. Basically, LT does not support lisp or 3D. See here for a comparison to AutoCAD. Also, you can download a 30-day trial to evaluate if it will work for your needs.
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