I am about to deploy tool palettes to a land development firm for the first time ever in our history. Everything is ready to go except I can't lock down our tool palettes as read-only due to the DropBox Business that we use in place of a traditional server. I am wondering if there is a work around LISP code to lock them down? The problem that I'm having is that DropBox only allows certain folders to be set as read only. I can't put a read-only file in a shared file, because it becomes a shared file. I attempted to set up palettes in the read-only files but I had to get rid of the main .atc file and have the Images folder and then the individual .atc palettes inside of the folder. This keeps locking up C3D and I have to reset the registry on my machine and start over.

Matt Murphy AU recommends only placing the individual .atc files nested within the folder as read-only and nothing else. I can only place the whole network palette folder that is created in a whole file that is read-only. Hopefully that makes sense.