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Thread: Network Enterprise Workspace

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    Angry Network Enterprise Workspace

    Hey guys,

    I am attempting to enforce standards and I have an acad.lsp file up and running on our network that loads an init.lsp routine. This new setup is destroying my user's ribbon in C3D without any input from me (making it go blank). To prevent this I've created an enterprise CUI using materials from AU and loaded into our network and I can't get AutoCAD to work with it:

    (if(findfile "L\\...cuix")
    (command "menu" "L\\...cuix")

    (command "._WORKSPACE" "user")

    I have also set the Enterprise Network Path in Options with the user profile.

    When I type in CUI to check settings, I get the following error "Unable to open customization file:"L\\...cuix" This file has been moved, renamed, or deleted. To fil this file type CUILOAD at the Command prompt."
    How are you guys managing at a CUI / Workspace across your network?

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    Default Re: Network Enterprise Workspace

    You may have better luck in the AutoCAD CUI Menus forum:
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