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Thread: Anyone know how to update a DEM File location?

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    Default Anyone know how to update a DEM File location?

    Hi - Hoping someone can help with the following:

    Our Admin people decided it would be fun to change our file directory structure without asking anyone in our technical section, leaving all our CAD files searching for their Xrefs and all the other fun stuff that entails. Going through the drawings to update reference locations, I've found now that some huge surfaces created from DEM files can no longer see the correct locations of the .asc files.

    I've burrowed down in the Toolspace far enough to see where the DEM file is looking for the .asc file, but the file location is greyed out and there seems to be no way to update it.

    Is there any way to update the file location without having to add the DEM from scratch again and re-build the surface?


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    Default Re: Anyone know how to update a DEM File location?

    if you go to toolspace/prospector tab, expand surfaces, right click on the surface, surface properties, definition tab. in the bottom box should be listed your dem. on the right should be a perimeters tab with the path. click the folder with magnifying glass and you should be able to change the location. hope this helps

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