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Thread: Starting a new drawing with all layers showing

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    Default Starting a new drawing with all layers showing

    Running Autocad Architecture 2019 (toolset)

    When I start a new drawing I want to have all layer keys visible and selectable. For example I start with the template AEC Model (Imperial CTB.dwt which load AIA Version 3 as the layer standard. When I start a new drawing it begins with only two layers visible in the layer manager (0 and def points).

    As I add a wall the A-wall layer appears, or I add a door A-door appears etc.

    I would like all layers of the layer standard being used to appear and be available in the layer manager.

    Seems like a simple task, but am unable to figure it out.


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    Default Re: Starting a new drawing with all layers showing

    Generating layers as needed, on the fly, is what Layer Keys are all about. But if you really want to have all of those layers in a file, AutoLISP can be used to define a command that will generate them, as explained in this blog article.

    Assuming that you will not want to copy and paste the code in that article, I have attached the LKL.lsp file here. Loading the file into a drawing will create a command named LKL. Running the LKL command will generate the layers in your current Layer Key Style.
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