I have an issue, have an AutoCAD file with a ton of data links and would like to update only the data links related to a speciffic table. Simmilar to the functionality of selecting a table with data links, right clicking and selecting Update Table Data Links.

i have the following code:

Private Sub Update_table_data_link(tblRef As AcadTable)

ThisDrawing.SendCommand "DATALINKUPDATE" & vbCr & "U" & vbCr & "K" & vbCr

End Sub

It works but updates all the data links in the drawing (which is a problem) so a perfect solution would either let me get what links are associated to tblRef
and change the line to:
ThisDrawing.SendCommand "DATALINKUPDATE" & vbCr & "U" & vbCr & "D" & vbCr & "datalink_name_from_tblRef" & vbCr

or directly send the command to update the links to tblRef