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    We've had a request from a client to present our deliverable in GIS. I'm having difficulty working out how best to transpose our attribute data in AutoCAD to attribute data in GIS. Our source ACAD data contains points written out from a survey controller as blocks with attributes, and lines which are converted to polylines during drafting. I'm guessing the first step in the process is to write the block attributes to the survey polylines (so I can ask that in the LISP forum) then use some kind of converter to transfer that data from ACAD attributes into GIS attributes? Everything I google just takes me to "import from dwg" instructions. Is it possible to just 'bring the attributes' directly across from dwg/dxf into a GIS software (thinking QGIS as it's free) without the need for a converter/mapping file? Anyone have any links to resources I could reference?


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    One option would be to use AutoCAD Map3d, A more economical approach would bet Mapworks from DotSoft. And while you are there you can look into the ToolPac add-on as well.
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