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    Default Text Note Visibility

    I'm looking for a way to control visibility of Text Notes, (notes on plan/section views not connected to families). Phase, View Filter don't seem to be options. I don't want to pick, pick, pick, and Hide Elements in View. As information changes in Plan Views that are revised, I need to turn off one group of text to replace it with another. Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Text (all annotation) is view specific, only visible in views you place it in. Just delete the text if you don't want to see it anymore. Alternatively, create a new view with Duplicate with Detailing and archive the original view and proceed with the new copy and delete the irrelevant notes and add/edit your new ones.

    There is no notion of No Plot layer in Revit for annotation, the logic is don't place annotation on views that go on sheets that you don't want to see. Where people want to add internal notes some use a Detail Item (they can be filtered) that contains a text label. This way a view Filter can turn on/off notes that the team needs to see but it is not regular Text.

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