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Thread: Revit Family downloads

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    Default Revit Family downloads

    Been away for awhile now and wondering where is the best place for free revit family downloads. For some reason quit working a long time ago. Trying bimsmith and I search for 4 panel bi-fold doors and I get everything from elephants with party hats to Volkswagen beetles. Have to believe there are better resources out there.
    Please advise.
    Thank You
    Phil Vanderloo,
    LEED AP, General Contractor
    Hiline Builders Inc.

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    Default Re: Revit Family downloads

    The sites below provide manufacturer-supplied families: - has a Ribbon add-in for Revit. Use Fine or Medium detail level to turn off bounding box cuboid used for clash detection. (lots of Ikea stuff) is still there, but the content is all non-standard user-supplied stuff

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