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Thread: Revit splash page disclaimer

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    Default Revit splash page disclaimer


    I wonder what you think is important to include in any Revit splash page disclaimer?


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    Default Re: Revit splash page disclaimer

    Are you talking about the Revit Splash Page, or are you talking about the Starting view in a Revit model?
    Are you talking for Internal use or External use?

    We've elected to only point out things to our users. We don't list any restrictions on our starting view. We just point things like here's the standard, the sheet numbering, the text types and line types.
    We also include worksets and Names/Roles/emails of other important people on the project (BIM Manager/Coordinator) and things like that. Also a big note that says check your workset.

    We have a separate document that the CM/GC needs to sign before we send them anything or give them any kind of access to the models. That document releases us from all liability for the model as the 2d documents are still the contract documents, use models at your own risk. It also has some language about them sending the model to anyone else and again we take no responsibility for it.

    Is that the kind of thing you're asking about?
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    Default Re: Revit splash page disclaimer

    I like to divide my splash pages into 3 categories. first one is Company related standards, workflow and processes. The second is specifics to the particular project (Project team, project name and number, and any client specific standards or requirements that will supercede the company standards). Third is department/discipline/trade related standards and practices. For me, im on the MEP side, so i have links to how to docs on MEP project setup and linking in architecture, exporting to CAD for any analysis tools, importing details from our library, and creating site plans for electrical. Again, its all things related to the team that is using that particular template.

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