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Thread: curtain panel scheduling question

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    Default curtain panel scheduling question

    Hi all,

    i am using curtain walls as glass balustrade / pool fencing. this seems to be the quickest way to do this rather than use railings.

    each curtain panel is a set length, dictated by the manufacturer and they have a product code for each one - say a 1200 long panel is coded PF-1200.
    is there a way to include this code into each panel? at the moment i have to enter it manually when i schedule it for each one, rather time consuming.
    any tips / advice most appreciated if there is a way around this.



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    Default Re: curtain panel scheduling question

    Never tried it with a curtain panel, but we've done this with out casework families. Create a new parameter where you have an if statement in the formula.
    Something like this
    if((Width = 1200'), "PF-1200", if((Width = 1400), "PF-1400", if((Width = 1600), "PF-1600", if((Width = 1800), "PF-1800", if((Width = 2000), "PF-2000", "")))))
    Then you can tag it or schedule it. This also allows you to know if you don't have a correct size and it'll return a not symbol.
    Just a thought.
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