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Thread: Recover a file

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    Default Recover a file

    I recently had a thumb drive go bad that had about 150 .dwg files on it. The drive was unrecognized when inserted into the USB slot and I ended up using EaseUS to recover most of the drive. There are still about 20 files that when attempting to open come up "Drawing file is not valid". There is some info there as the file directory shows file sizes of 150-200 KB. I have tried the different recovery methods covered in but nothing seems to work.
    Reaching here a bit, is it possible to open the file in something like WordPad and replace the header or other metadate or even cut and paste into a known good file? Any other suggestions are welcome.

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    Default Re: Recover a file

    Not that I've ever seen. It's not like an XML file, it's all binary.

    Not saying it's impossible, but it would take someone with internal knowledge of the DWG file format, which is not publicly documented.
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    Default Re: Recover a file

    I've had a few drawings that had been truncated at the end. I was able to open them in Inventor. It seems to have less stringent file validation than AutoCAD. If you want to email me a sample file, I could try it for you. Send to ed.jobe at augi dot com
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