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Thread: Automate Room Equipment Schedules.

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    Default Automate Room Equipment Schedules.

    We are Revit 2018 modelling a large college and need to create C Sheets ( Room Layouts) for each room. Aside from room plan, wall elevations and ceiling plan, we need to have a schedule that lists all the equipment in the room. Currently we are duplicating a schedule, changing the room and then placing that one the sheet. Is there any addins that anyone knows about that can automatically generate multiple room equipment schedules? Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Automate Room Equipment Schedules.

    I would assume you might be able to do this with Dynamo. I know you could export them out to excel based on sorting by room number. Not sure if you can duplicate them and apply new room number.
    Just a thought.
    This might help get you on the right track.
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    Default Re: Automate Room Equipment Schedules.

    How deep are your pockets?

    If money is not the primary object, you might be interested in dRofus or Codebook.
    David Koch

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