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Thread: VBA acadtext value calculate and write in table right column

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    Default VBA acadtext value calculate and write in table right column

    Hi. could you help me to this problem.

    item (5) is Number=23, Diameter=12mm, Lenght=545cm
    item (6) is Number=33, Diameter=14mm, Lenght=490cm
    item (7) is Number=45, Diameter=14mm, Lenght=580cm

    That is drawing jpeg in attachment in this massage.

    And I want to select at first item(5) group, and select item(6) group, and select item(7).
    After the selection, want to calculate the 23*545 (125.35) value and print this solution in dia.12 column.
    (this is for first selection. and second is dia.14 column, and third is dia.14 column.)

    all text is different layer in item(5) group.

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