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Thread: Mulitple Buildings in one Project

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    Default Mulitple Buildings in one Project

    Hello Everyone, I know this question has probably been asked multiple times so I apologize in advance, perhaps I can get a little direction/best practice. My team currently has a project that will have two buildings located on one site with both buildings currently in the detail design phase. These two buildings are two individual Revit files, and will be at two different finish floor elevations. All the detailing is being done in each separate model. We do not currently have a Revit site model but do have site information from an AutoCAD site plan. Here are my questions:

    What is the best practice for handling a situation such as this? Should these two buildings be linked into one site model, oriented correctly and then have their coordinates published?

    If anyone has any links or advice it's greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    Default Re: Mulitple Buildings in one Project

    Hi, Robert!

    It depends on what you want your deliverable to be...will it be the site model with the buildings linked, or vice versa? You could import the ACAD site information into one of the Revit models, and then link the 2nd building model accordingly. This way you can coordinate your Revit project base point and survey point with the ACAD site plan.
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    Default Re: Mulitple Buildings in one Project

    I prefer having a separate site model that each building is linked into. In fact, even if I only have one building I often do the site separately so it can be oriented to true north & true elevation (being at 6500 ft above sea level, we rarely use the actual elevations in our architectural drawings).

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    Default Re: Mulitple Buildings in one Project

    I am at the concept stage of a similar project. Currently i have one house on the site, and have modelled it on the topography with the levels coordinated with the survey point (for example Level 1 = 44m, level 2 = 47m etc). i am about to start building the second neighbouring building on the same site (there will only be two houses on site). they have differing Floor levels as the site has a slight slope... what is the best workflow for this? currently all the 3d survey information is linked into house A's revit file. should i create a separate file, link in Project A to this new file and build house B there? what about a complete drawing set? how do you coordinate the drawings? i saw an earlier post from a few years ago that mentioned adjusting the drawing list properties on Project A (as this is the host project) to "include elements in linked revit files". so essentially my question is...does anyone suggest building both houses in one file or should i create a separate file linked in and figure out the lists/schedules etc as i go...

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