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Thread: Has Anyone had any experience using the iConstruct's Clash Manager?

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    Question Has Anyone had any experience using the iConstruct's Clash Manager?

    I've often just grouped clashes with Navisworks myself, however I have been watching some iConstruct clash manager videos and have been impressed with some of the capabilities. I do want to gather some intel on the results of the software.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Has Anyone had any experience using the iConstruct's Clash Manager?

    I just tried out their free trial - it is not intuitive or user friendly... but it has a high ceiling of potential.

    The $10 Group Clashes app in the Autodesk App Store is the cheapest solution to group clashes and gives you some flexibility to how the clashes are goint to be organized/grouped.

    For the same price as iConstruct is the less robust, but far more user-friendly and intuitive Sherlock by Flypaper. It doesn't rename your clash groups but it does do a good job reducing the number of items you have to review. plus - it has a couple fun and simple features - the Heat map (showing you your top 10 areas of the model with the most clashes in concentration) and the "orient in plan" right click - which lets you immediately zoom out to a full building plan view, and superimposes a big red arrow pointing to whatever element you were selecting when you activated the orient tool. Then a simple shift+esc click gets you right back where you were - zoomed into the selected item.

    We are also about to test out BIM Track next week and see how that could streamline our coordiation efforts.

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