Hi folks,

I can't seem to find anyone else talking about this weird issue we have come across in Revit groups.

Back story - In Revit 2019.2.1, I have a concrete office tower with multiple floors that are identical. I have created a floor on one level and turned it into a group. Then copied it up to each identical floor level.
We also create a group of our rebar detailing on the slabs and embed that within the original floor group so it copies to each floor. Works fantastic!

The problem we just discovered is this... I have to add a thickened area to each of the slabs. Simple enough, edit one of the groups, modify the slab shape add a thicker slab in the required area and join it to the main slab so they have a nice hidden line indicating a thickened area and then save the group. I also had to add a couple of drop panels to another spot, but at the same location at each floor. Similar steps - edit the group, add the drops, join them to the slab and save the group.

Appears to work perfect, as it copies the thickened slab and drops into each and every identical group. Problem is that is does not copy the joins...
This is where I don't understand what is happening, Revit has grouped these items as identical pieces and will update the groups everytime they are modified, but won't update the joins to the other identical groups...
The really odd part is that if I create a floor, add the thickened area, add the drops, do all my joins and THEN group them and then copy to each level, it will copy the joins.
It appears that revit groups will COPY joins, but will not propagate joins through all the groups when added to a group.

Thinking back, I have had similar join issues in groups in the past with other structural elements.

Can anyone else recreate the issue?

Really, in this case, I could cheat and just add another slab under my main slab similar to a drop and it will appear correct in plan, but when I cut a section, it will not be joined in every group. So a building section does not generate correctly. I could also just fix one grouped slab, delete the rest and copy the slab to all the floors again.
The point where it is an issue is when we modified a truss. We found that if you modify a truss joins to look graphically correct and then copy that truss, it forgets the joins on the new copied trusses. But if you group that truss on it's own after the joins are made, and then copy the group, it will retain the joins and they all look great. But if you modify the truss, it will undo the joins where it was modified in all of the groups. Then when you fix one grouped truss, it does not update the remaining grouped trusses. In this case I can't just delete and copy the truss groups because of all the other connection information of attached framing and deck, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.