I work in two environments.
Bentley Power Inroads V8i SS4
Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 10.5.1132.0 SP3.0
I’ve got a pipe network. 10 total structures. 9 of the 10are assigned Style A. As soon as the 10th structure is changed toStyle A, Power Inroads crashes.
My pipe network is in Civil3D. The .dwg is referenced intoV8i. In V8i all 9 of the structures display correctly. I suspected it was howthe 10th structure was placed. I placed 2 random structures. Assigned Style Ato the newly random structures and it continues to crash. All styles are based fromout of the box products. Thoughts/suggestions?

I will place this in both communities(Autodesk and Bentley)because I know users of each will blame the other for the problems. First image is Civil 3D 2016, second image is V8i SS4