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Thread: Custom Geometry Points

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    Default Custom Geometry Points

    I wish to label the 1/3 and 2/3 points of a horizontal curve in a profile view.

    So, when adding profile labels and using the Horizontal Geometry Points potion there is the ability to add labels for the PC, PT and MID points of your design alignment curves. Shouldn't there be a way to derive the 3rd points of the curve using the PC and PT stations of the curve? I would assume the variables for this would fall under the dialogue box in the attached image.

    If someone could point me in a direction I would be grateful.
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    Default Re: Custom Geometry Points

    Just throwing an idea out there, but it may require a new style whereby you'd probably have to create an expression taking the end station value minus the start station value times 1/3 and another one times 2/3.
    Not sure if this would work or exactly how to create it. just an idea.

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