Summary: When using a window or crossing selection method in a hidden-line view, I wish that Revit would only select elements that are actually visible in the current view, not unseen ones behind a wall, for instance.

Description: When working in a hidden-line building elevation view, for instance, if you select several doors with a window or crossing selection rectangle, Revit highlights and selects *everything* within that rectangle all the way through the building to infinity: furniture, beam systems, doors and windows on the other side of the building, site elements beyond. This is fine in a wireframe view, but in a hidden-line view it is very aggravating for Revit to select elements that are not visible in the view. Maybe there could be an additional "Select" option: "Select visible elements only."

Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Hidden Line

Submitted By: Bill Gilliss on 04/22/2019