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Thread: AutoCAD Architecture layer

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    Default AutoCAD Architecture layer

    Could someone please explain to me how a layer standard and key stlye work together in Autocad Architecture
    and how to make my layers work with the standard

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    Default Re: AutoCAD Architecture layer

    A Layer Standard is used to define a layer-naming convention, assuming that the convention can be broken down into separate components.

    A Layer Key Style is used to assign layer names (and default layer attributes) to Layer Keys. Layer Keys are used by AutoCAD Architecture to determine on which layer a particular AEC object should go. For example, the layer assigned to the WALL layer key will be used when drawing a WALL (WALLADD command). If that layer does not exist in the drawing, AutoCAD Architecture will create it, using the layer attributes in the Layer Key Style. (If a layer of that name exists in the drawing, that layer will be used, as is, even if the layer attributes vary from what is specified in the Layer Key Style.) If a Layer Standard is assigned to a Layer Key Style, and the layer names assigned to the Layer Keys comply with the Layer Standard, then you can choose to allow one or more of the components of the layer name to be overridden using Layer Key Overrides.

    If you have a list of layers that you typically use in your work, you will want to set up a Layer Key Style that has those layers (and their layer attributes) assigned to the appropriate Layer Keys. If your layer names are "freeform", then creating a Layer Standard would not be necessary. But if they all (or mostly all) follow a defined pattern of component fields, and you want to be able to take advantage of Layer Key Overrides, then creating a Layer Standard would be a good idea. If your layer naming convention follows one of the Layer Standards supported out-of-the-box, you can use that as is. If it is close to one of the out-of-the-box Layer Standards, then you can either choose to amend your layers to match that standard, or modify a copy of the out-of-the-box Layer Standard (renaming the Layer Standard, of course) to match your layers.
    David Koch

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