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Thread: Drawing List table with CTAB field

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    Default Drawing List table with CTAB field

    We use single AutoCAD file per project and each tab as a sheet and a block showing information for each sheet. We usually insert a table on first sheet (tab) showing the drawing list.
    I have previously used CTAB field to automatically insert the tab name (CTAB variable) as the sheet number. But cannot find means to use the value of CTAB for each tab into the table as a field. I also need to retrieve the value of an attribute which is the description of drawing sheet (e.g. Foundation plan, North Elevation etc.) from each tab (sheet). This is part of a block on each tab.
    Is this possible? I tried to look at the Sheet Manager but could not go far with it.

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    Default Re: Drawing List table with CTAB field

    I don't think it's possible, the CTAB is the "current tab" and so will only display the tab name the field is on.

    I highly recommend you look into SSM, because it literally has what you're trying to do built in to it, complete with a sheet index that reads all the project sheet numbers and descriptions.
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    Default Re: Drawing List table with CTAB field

    If you wanted to use autolisp, it's easy to retrieve the layout names = (layoutlist) function, and then you could populate your table with this data.

    Otherwise, Sheet Set Manager can do it automatically, but there is a little up front setup.
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