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Thread: Spaces becoming Unplaced in 2019 model hosted on BIM360

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    Default Spaces becoming Unplaced in 2019 model hosted on BIM360

    We are currently working on a project (REVIT 2019) that is hosted on BIM360 and we have been struggling with spaces becoming unplaced. This happened a couple months ago on level 1-3 of one of our models but not levels 4-9. We reach out to autodesk and they had said they had not heard anything like this before and we all assumed that it might be user error. We informed our team of what was going on and encouraged them to reach out before doing anything with the spaces. We noticed a couple days ago that the space on the same levels & in the same models had become unplaced once again. I wanted to reach out to this community to see if anyone else has experienced something like this before? Or if anyone had any ideas on why this could be happening. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Spaces becoming Unplaced in 2019 model hosted on BIM360

    Are you working with linked models?
    Do those models contain room bounding elements?
    When this happens does it appear to happen to almost all spaces or just one or two?
    There's a bit of a known issue that Autodesk hasn't addressed. It's been around since the conception of Collaborate for Revit (2015). For some reason when some users open the model, the linked models loose the association of being room bounding. As a check/fix to see if this is the issue, select the link (could be a Arch or Structural model typically), edit the type, look at the "Is Room Bounding" check box. If it's checked, uncheck it and apply. Then do the same thing and re-check the box. This has worked for us in the past with Rooms. Rooms and spaces act similarly so that's my first guess.
    Hope this helps.
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