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    Question iProperties

    I am trying to use iProperties to populate a Parts files iPrperties.

    I have a custom filed that I want to automatically insert the Part Numer iproperty value into.

    I have used iProperties.Value("Project", "Part Number")
    =iProperties.Value("Project", "Part Number")
    =iProperties.Value("Part Number")
    etc to try to get it to work.
    The property value is set to "text"

    Can someone try to help me to understand where i am going wrong?


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    Default Re: iProperties

    In your custom iProperty value field enter "=<partnumber>" and hit enter (without the " " marks) Close your iProperties and reopen. The part number should now have been copied to the custom field. You will be able to determine if a field is being driven by the "fx" that should now appear at the end of the field. The inspect the driving property just click the fx button.
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