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Thread: Adaptive points component - asphalt profile

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    Angry Adaptive points component - asphalt profile

    Hello everyone!!

    I decided to ask internet for help after trying myself enough of times… I recently, about a few weeks ago, started playing in Revit, on my own since my studies are based on structural analysis and I want to do a little extra on the BIM side, through courses on LinkedINLearning. I've gotten very far, but families and adaptive components are a world of their own.

    I want to make an adaptive points family of an asphalt segment that will be placed on some girder. Problem is this asphalt profile has its fixed and free slopes and sides. Slopes on the ends need to exist for cleansing gully, but as the road has curves, one or other side of asphalt profile must rise to meet road slope design.

    I already have lists of bottom points (where adaptive points go) derived from polyline in AutoCAD, that I can use in Dynamo, for grouping those coordinate points into groups of for example 6, so I can place my asphalt family along those 6 points and shoot it up the rest of the bridge. This is all fine, problem is the family itself. In video it is show how my family doesn't behave as I want it to behave.

    I hope some of you have an advice or a solution for me on how to maybe edit my family to behave better. There are also some pictures of my earlier attempts but I wanted to make it much more detailed.

    I've attached a WinRAR file attached that contains jpg, revit family, (2019) cadfile (2019) and one video (showing one of my failed models in work) inside.

    Thank you all for your feedback and advice in advanced, but I'll probably thank you again as we work through this if anyone can help!
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