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Thread: Revit & AutoSprink

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    Default Revit & AutoSprink

    Hi Im wondering if any can answer some questions i have related to AutoSprink and also its compatability with Revit. I have tried to get into the AutoSprink forums but having no luck.

    I’m interested to know if there are any shortcomings or any failings of the software (AutoSprink)?

    If the software has any limitations in size of file that it can adequately handle. Does it rely on physical 2D drawings (dwg) imported for background or does it work well with x-ref's?

    If when utilising as the primary design software there are any issues with its interaction when uploading and downloading Revit models whereby it is required to provide fully compliant LOD500 modelling principles? D

    oes it have all attributes for Bim information that would be required for LOD500? and Is it possible to add to the attributes for the library of the assets of the fire system or would some attributes contained in rebut be lost in any transferral during the upload and download process?

    I am aware that they have a Revit add-on how does this compare with the actual software itself? Are there benefits of one versus the other or both working in parallel?

    Does it have access to national code baselines from around the globe?

    There’s no doubt that it is a fairly substantial package but wondered about the above.

    Also from starting utilising the software how long it took to become proficient in its use?

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    Default Re: Revit & AutoSprink

    sounds like you need to set up a live demonstration from the software vendor. have them show you the differences in the different packages/scenarios and ask them all these questions.

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