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Thread: Current layout page setup

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    Default Current layout page setup

    Is there a way to determine the existing page setup for each layout in a drawing?

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    Default Re: Current layout page setup

    Layout Plot Configurations can vary from a named page setup, so there isn't a Layout.PlotConfiguration property. You just have to get the individual plot settings. Something like the following.
    Private Type PgSetup
       CMN As String
       CenterPlot As Boolean
       'Add more props here
    End Type
    Public Function GetPageSetups() As Collection
      Dim PgSetups As New Collection
      For Each lyt As AcadLayout in ThisDrawing.Layouts
         If lyt.ModelType = paperspace then
            'get desired layout props
            Dim PgS As New PgSetup
            With PgS
               .CMN = lyt.CanonicalMediaName
               .CenterPlot = lyt.CenterPlot
            End With
         End If
      Next lyt
    End Function
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