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Thread: Can't delete linetype in dwg

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    Default Can't delete linetype in dwg

    I have a dwg with a linetype that I can't get rid of. All entities in the dwg are set to linetype ByLayer, I ran SetByLayer with included blocks and no layer is using this linetype. I can't purge this linetype.

    When I run vla-delete on the vla-get-all-linetypes collection, it errors out with "error: Automation Error. Object is referenced by other object(s)"

    If anybody has any idea what could be referencing this linetype, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Can't delete linetype in dwg

    Try DGNFIX by Alan J. Thompson...

    It's posted at the swamp under Show stuff hidden forum, so you have to be logged to access it and see the code...
    Here is the link :

    BTW. The code is simple, but for author rights I don't want to post it here as duplicate...

    HTH., M.R.
    Marko Ribar, d.i.a. (graduated engineer of architecture)

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