I have done a cursory search for this but found nothing. I hope this question has not been previously answered.

I work for a small civil engineering company. We don't have a CAD manager and those duties usually fall to me. I'm just an engineer. We have alignment station and offset label styles used to summarize pay items in plans. I set up the styles in a way that allows us to drag the label text and snap to the end of a line so that they can easily be lined up and spaced evenly and neatly. One computer in the office messes up the labels whenever a drawing file is opened on that computer. It doesn't change the style, just moves the displayed location of the label text. It changes it for good for all of the labels that exist in the drawing even when opened on the other office computers. To fix the labels they have to be re-created on a different computer, however, if it is ever opened again on this specific computer it changes them all again. I'm attaching a screen shot of the labels.

Station Offset Labels.jpg

The first label is one that has been moved. The second is a label as it should be displayed. This may not seem like a big deal, but if I am in a viewport that has been rotated it moves the text in other directions.

Thanks for any help.