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Thread: "Rendering" and "Materials" added as Wish List Associated Features

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    Default "Rendering" and "Materials" added as Wish List Associated Features

    Summary: Add "Rendering" and "Materials" as Associated Features to select from when creating a Wish List submission.

    Description: "Other" seems like a back-of-the-bus place to put concerns about materials and rendering with Revit. They deserve to be listed along with Beams, Ceilings, Color Fills, etc., so as to be easy to find.

    Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Other

    Submitted By: Bill Gilliss on 06/05/2019

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    Default Re: "Rendering" and "Materials" added as Wish List Associated Features

    There are a host of categories for wish list submissions that ought to be added -- it seems like they haven't been updated in decades, and don't reflect the scope of Autodesk's current products -- where is the UI ?

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