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Thread: Find view that schedule is looking at?

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    Default Find view that schedule is looking at?


    I've created an area schedule but I can't seem to find the area plan it's pulling information from. I need to verify the area boundaries are correct (another topic altogether ... for another day ) Is there a way to find it easily?


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    Default Re: Find view that schedule is looking at?

    Select the Area Schedule in the Project Browser, then look at the Properties palette. To the left of the Edit Type button, it will say Schedule: , followed by the name of the Area Scheme to which the Schedule applies. Make note of that, and then select the Edit button to the right of the Filter property. If filters have been applied to narrow the objects in the Schedule in some way (say, just those on a given Level), make note of those.

    You now know that you want to look at Area Plan views that are associated with the same Area Scheme as the Schedule, and if there are multiple Area Plans associated with that Area Scheme, you can use the filter logic to determine the View or Views that have the objects shown on the Schedule.
    David Koch

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