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Thread: Create a new layer in multiple existing drawings

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    Default Create a new layer in multiple existing drawings

    Does anyone have any ideas or know how to create a new layer (like a revision layer for clouds) and insert into multiple existing drawings?

    Example. Working on a set of drawings (50 sheets) and need to cloud all revision after a certain date. So the layer is constant between days, I currently create the layer in the first drawing, then use the clipboard to copy. Open the other 49 dwgs, then paste into the dwg, save and close. I know I can use the design center to bring in the layer as well, but this is still one dwg at a time.

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    Default Re: Create a new layer in multiple existing drawings

    Who will be opening these drawings, just you? Or multiple people?

    You don't need the layer in the drawing until it's opened next, so you could use acaddoc.lsp (which executes each time a drawing is opened) to create the layer when the drawing is opened.
    Of course, it won't discern on it's own if you're opening a drawing where this is required, vs. some other drawing where it's not.

    I've set up something similar for folks before and then it can be removed from the startup code at the end.
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