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Thread: Extra cdrs in dotted pairs

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    Default Extra cdrs in dotted pairs

    Hello all,

    Little new here.
    I've been working on a routine to explode blocks and return the linework of exploded blocks to their original layers. I've had to rewrite it a couple times to pinpoint the bug, and I'm testing the layer retrieval portion of the code.

    I actually have two questions:

    -When I have one or more blocks inserted in my drawing and run the following routine, I get "extra cdrs in dotted pair on input". From everything I've read in the API and searching on this and other forums, I believe I'm using the appropriate technique to extract the layer info, but obviously, I am misunderstanding something

    -When I don't have any blocks inserted in my drawing and run the routine, I get "bad argument type: lselsetp nil", this problem appears to be located in the evaluation statement of my while loop ('((entget (ssname ss i)))') Maybe I'm not using entget correctly? I checked the AutoDesk help pages for these commands and they look fine to me. I just want to check if I'm at the end of the selectionset or not

    (defun C:BlockHunter (/ i entl ent doc ss ss1 layer laylist)
      ;; Create a list of all non-block entities in the drawing
      ;; Create list of layers in drawing
      ;; Create a list of all blocks in drawing
      ;; Set all blocks to explodable
      ;; Explode all blocks
      (setq ss (ssget "_X" '((0 . "INSERT"))))
      (setq i 0)
      (while ((entget (ssname ss i) ))
    	    (setq layer (cdr (assoc 8(entget (ssname ss i) ) ) ) )	;;(setq layer (cdr (assoc 8 (entget (ssname ss i) ) )))
    	     (princ layer)
    	    ;;(setq i (+ 1 i))
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    Default Re: Extra cdrs in dotted pairs

    Have you tried using the Express Tool Burst command which leaves the linework of exploded blocks on their original layers instead of Explode?

    You do realize both Burst and Explode can increase drawing size considerably. Why do it?

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    Default Re: Extra cdrs in dotted pairs

    Hopefully the following would help you out to comprehend what's going on in codes, if not, then feel free to ask.
     (if ;; if the following expression is valid then proceed to next expression.
         (setq ss (ssget "_X" '((0 . "INSERT"))))
       (progn ;; progn function is to allow you to have more than one expression as into your example / codes.
         (setq i 0)
         (while (setq ent (ssname ss i)) ;; you had an extra bracket and what's more importantly, is that you need to
                                         ;; check if the entity is valid then entget the object to
                                         ;; pass over any error message such  "bad argument type: lselsetp nil".
        ;; (progn <- this progn is not required since while function would take care of all following expressions if the first is equal to True.
          (setq layer (cdr (assoc 8 (entget ent))))
           (princ layer)
           (setq i (+ 1 i))
       ) ;; end of IF function.

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