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Thread: Create a Chamfer around an irregular shape in 2018.

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    Angry Create a Chamfer around an irregular shape in 2018.

    I have a shape that is made up of small segments That I want to put o chamfer on. In the attached PDF file you can see that the segments are 1" and vary in length across the width of the part. I have no problem creating the outside profile and extruding the part, 8". The chamfer is 1" x 45. I select all the segments around the perimeter, but when I click apply it fails. I have even tried creating a sketch of the bottom perimeter and sweeping a 1" x 45 triangle around the bottom edge and that fails as well. What am I doing wrong?
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    Default Re: Create a Chamfer around an irregular shape in 2018.

    Can you post the part, or something similar?

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