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Thread: plot command does not use supplied .ctb file

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    Default plot command does not use supplied .ctb file

    Can someone please explain to me why the -plot (command-line) command will not accept a .ctb file for plotting? (The drawings are already set up to use .ctb files for plotting.) It works fine in the dialog box but not from the command line. Here is the code I'm trying to implement:
    (command "-PLOT" "YES" "MODEL" _Plotter _SheetName "INCHES" _Orientation "NO" "WINDOW" _ptLowerLeft _ptUpperRight (strcat "1=" (rtos _PlotScale 2 1)) "CENTER" "YES" "F:/PEN TABLES/HES.STANDARD.CTB" "NO" "AS DISPLAYED" "NO" "NO" "YES")
    Note that this doesn't work even when I enter these values directly at the command prompt. I have also tried this command answering "no" to 'plot with styles' and have also left out the directory (HES.STANDARD.CTB). Nothing seems to work.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Default Re: plot command does not use supplied .ctb file

    Wow, that looks like a hot mess.

    Using Layouts with Page setups this macro will plot any I have no matter the size or plot device it should go to:
    All our Page setups include the Plot Style table with Plot area set to Layout so they always plot correctly. Makes Publishing an entire project pretty simple as well.

    I've never seen a path included with a Plot Style before, why isn't it in your Plot Style Table Search Path?
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