I'm porting a client from 2017 to 2020 ACA. There is some VBA code that reads the Property Set Definitions to continue filling out a schedule when a block is inserted.

Anyway, the exact same code/drawing works in 2017 but not in 2020.

My question for the group is why, and how can I make this work? It is critical to the upgrade.

Here are the relevant pieces of code:

Dim objSchApp As New AecScheduleApplication
Dim objPSDs As AecSchedulePropertySetDefs
Dim objPSD As AecSchedulePropertySetDef

Set objPSDs = objSchApp.PropertySetDefs(ThisDrawing.Database)

A few lines later ...

If Not objPSDs Is Nothing Then (this proves to be false, bypassing all the real work had it been true)

I'm an AutoLISP guy, and know not much about VBA. Any help getting this fixed is appreciated.