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Thread: need LISP for publishing all layouts

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    Default need LISP for publishing all layouts

    hello everyone. I am looking for a LISP that will Publish all layout tabs (i need them to be in one PDF file) with the settings i have listed below from an attempt i did on my own which worked great.. for one layout lol. but i need all of them to publish rather than plot.

    I would also like for the command to ask where i want to save the file (via the command line) so i can specify that automatically as i will be running this command through a application and will know the place it needs saved each time through that.

    yes, i have tried the publishing through alone without using lisp but i just have spent way to much time on it unfortunately. I think if i get one LISP that works for the below settings, i can then simply edit those settings for each paper size and such that ill be needing.

    let me know if there is anything i can explain better about what im looking for and thankyou in advance!!!

      (COMMAND 	"_-PLOT"
    		"22x34 PDF"
    		"Adobe PDF"
    		"ANSI D"
    		"_y"      )

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    Default Re: need LISP for publishing all layouts

    Here is a couple of options plots range of layouts, the second version uses ghostscript to combine the pdf's. Need multi getvals.lsp as entry for dcl. You will need to edit the code to match the parameters as in your code. Note code uses a window not extents and fit.
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