Hi gang,

I have come across this issue more than once. I'm hoping I'm just missing a setting somewhere.

First, in all mentioned files Visretain is 1 and visretrainmode is 0

Here is the scenario:

  1. I have a survey file (SURVEY.dwg) that I xref into our base file (L-BASE.dwg)
  2. In L-BASE.dwg, I override all the layers from the xref SURVEY.dwg to be color 8
  3. I can now open and close L-BASE.dwg at will and the layers from SURVEY.dwg always display color 8
  4. I then make a view in L-BASE.dwg making sure that the checkbox for "Save layer snapshot with view" is checked
  5. When I then place that view on a sheet using the SSM, the layer On/Off and Freeze/Thaw states are correct, but the layer colors are all back to the native colors in SURVEY.dwg

Am I missing something?

Thanks for your help.