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Thread: Unable to real-time pan via mouse wheel press

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    Default Re: Unable to real-time pan via mouse wheel press

    Quote Originally Posted by hugh.69031 View Post
    Here's a Catalyst piece describing setting up for AutoCAD indicating what shows in Control Panel Mouse Properties for some Logitech mice

    I'd A/B compare these settings on your two boxen for clues on top of the application CUI settings.

    Beyond that what changed between having it working and having it not working - and when? A System Restore to just before is then the nuclear option.



    While comparing the two boxes in Control Panel (there were subtle differences due to one box being Win7 and the other one Win10), I noticed that the troublesome box had an added tab for SetPoint, while the other box did not. I had installed the latest version of SetPoint a couple weeks ago (aha!) to get the Google Chrome extension for smoother online scrolling. I realized that most of my time since then was on the road, so I hadn't been CADing during that time, and didn't notice the panning problem until I got back. Long story short, I uninstalled SetPoint completely, and my problem disappeared with it. I may try to get it working with a SetPoint install later, but for now, I'm just glad to have my PAN button back again!

    Thanks, you guys, for the help!

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    Default Re: Unable to real-time pan via mouse wheel press

    For future, In the Logitech menu there may a setting for the Middle button that can be set to Default or Middle Click. Apparently Middle Click is the correct option. Or you may need to pick "Other" and select "Generic".

    Also, for future, there is a thread on the Autodesk forums that details solutions from the INSERT key to new batteries for wireless mice to resetting the wireless USB receivers.

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