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Thread: Set a custom Scale List via the registry

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    Default Set a custom Scale List via the registry

    Good morning,

    I'm attempting to utilize a custom scale list that I've created for use throughout our company. We have a deployment script that will accomplish this by overwriting everyone's registry bat file, but I first wanted to test it on one pc to ensure it's what I want. I first edited my C3D 2018 scale list in "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\AutoCAD\R22.0\ACAD-1000:409\Scale List" . Our IT guru then exported that out and merged it with the scale list in the C3D 2018 registry on his pc so we could examine it. However, when he subsequently opened his C3D (we were did this in both C3D 2017 and 2018 ), his scale list was unaffected. For this reason, I feel we must be missing a step somewhere. Anyone have any thoughts?

    Thanks, Tom
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