Hello all,

I am trying to plot an isometric model view of a surface, and the triangles keep showing up in the preview and final plot. How do I get rid of the triangles?

Here's the background. I have a proposed and an existing surface. Each surface is on its own layer, X_SURF and P_SURF. Two styles, existing contours on C_CNTX, proposed contours on C_CNTP. Boundaries on C_BNDY. Triangles on C_TIN.

I have 3D solids for some drainage structures, and some 3D polylines drain for stone and pavement.

In paper space, I have a viewport set at an isometric view (SE view). The style in the viewport is hidden. The viewport shade plot is set to legacy hidden. The view in paper space looks great.
Surface Paperspace.JPG

When I go to plot, both the preview and the final plot show the triangles of the two surfaces.

Surface Preview.JPG

I have played with all types of commands and changes to the styles, but nothing works. The closest I get is changing the viewport shade plot to Hidden, but then it makes it look like a bitmap, and not smooth and clean.

Surface Preview Hidden.JPG

I'm using C3D 2018.2

How can I get this to plot without these triangles?